Art McCafferty

Art McCafferty is the definition of a multi-media workhorse covering Michigan golf. First in print as the founding publisher of Michigan Golfer in 1983 followed by television with Golfing Michigan and Golfing the Great Lakes beginning in 1989, he has been at the forefront of news and information about the game.

As a Director of Continuing at Eastern Michigan University, he helped set the stage for the first two Michigan Golf Summits in 1989 and 1991, industry-wide gatherings of Michigan golfer leaders to discuss issues facing the game.

When the internet emerged on the scene in the late 90s, Art embraced it and saw its potential and far-reaching impact on golf. He posted the Michigan Golfer online and started doing videos on a YouTube channel. The content included course and resort reviews, tournament previews and reports, and sit-down interviews with Michigans notable champions and contributors. In addition, he launched a weekly e-newsletter, Michigan Golfer News, and for over 20 years it has disseminated news and press releases about various aspects of the golf industry.

The Michigan Golf Hall of Fame (MGHOF) has been a particular beneficiary of McCaffertys contributions. Along with his wife Jennie, he has donated scores of YouTube interviews of MGHOF members recalling their upbringing, career and accomplishments. Since 2000, the McCaffertys have posted nearly 6,000 shows on YouTube on golf, travel, running and other endeavors.

Both the Michigan Golf Course Association and the Michigan PGA have bestowed awards on McCafferty for his efforts in covering the game.

In addition to golf, McCafferty has made other significant media contributions in running, skiing and travel. Probably no other Michigan media member has logged more miles on the road covering these endeavors.

Year inducted: 2022

Last Name McCafferty