Frank Lovell

Frank Lovell was inducted to the Michigan Golf Hall of Fame the same year (1990) as his wife Margaret, and it was fitting because they were the state’s leading golf couple in the 1950s and 60s.

Dr. Lovell was a member of Birmingham Country Club and represented the club in the Detroit District Golf Association/Golf Association of Michigan. He volunteered and served as a rules official, board member and officer, eventually becoming GAM president in 1967-68.

He and his wife were especially active in junior golf and became avid golfers through their children, Dr. Ray Lovell and Mary Margaret (Starnes), who embraced the game and competed in national tournaments.

Dr. Lovell worked with the Detroit Junior District Golf Association that his wife chaired, and also served the United States Golf Association’s Junior Championship Committee. He was an active rules official for GAM and USGA competitions, including multiple U.S. Opens. The Michigan PGA honored the couple in 1970 for their contributions to golf in the state.

Basketball was Dr. Lovell’s first sport of choice. He was a member of the University of Michigan’s 1928-29 Big Ten Championship team and didn’t take up golf seriously until serving in the U.S. Army.

He passed away in 1979 in Florida.

Year inducted: 1990


Last Name Lovell